Goals for My Freshman Year of College



Writing down things always helps me remember them. Also, keeping a visual list of specific goals is so much more motivating then just having an idea of things I want to accomplish this year. I enjoy reading other blogs and I got this idea for my “Freshman Year Bucket List” from Morgan’s blog. I’m really excited to begin these challenges!

Post at least every three days: This one is not going to be too hard at in the beginning. I originally had a blog with Blogspot, but because of a slight crisis with the pictures, I decided to just start over with WordPress. I will be transferring most of my blog posts from Blogspot. But once I run out of those ones I need to transfer, I will be scrambling to post every three days. I want to stay consistent with posting so I will do my best to  keep up with writing. I need accountability, so if I get off track, someone please just email me and make me write something instead of being lazy!

Write letters to my family and friends every two weeks: So I’m moving 3000 miles away from my family and most of my friends and I will definitely get homesick. Because of the time difference, I may not always get the chance to call my friends and family so I have decided to start mailing letters. Plus I’ve seen some really adorable ideas for pen-pal letters from Jordan’s blog and I just can’t wait to make some! I chose every two weeks because every week may be too much for me to keep up with (especially since I have a rather large family and plenty of friends all over the country) and once a month seems too little.

Lose the “Freshman Fifteen” : So this summer, two of my friends and I decided to have a challenge to lose 15 pounds our freshman year of college instead of gaining the classic Freshman Fifteen. I will be documenting my journey this year with the challenge to keep myself accountable and also to inspire anyone else who feels they should do the challenge, too. I will be starting on September 1st (opening day for me) and you can join me if you want to do the same!

Get into the “Freshman Fifteen”: Now before you think I am totally contradicting my previous goal about losing 15 pounds, let me explain! The Freshman Fifteen is the name of a singing group for the incoming freshman at the college I will be attending. Apparently, it’s a pretty hard ensemble to join and one must be a very talented singer to gain entrance. They get very many opportunities to sing at various events, chapel services, and occasionally they will get the chance to sing for the CD that the college records every year. I will keep you all posted on how my audition goes!
Drink at least 8 bottles of water a day: I attend college in California, and while that sounds so glamorous and exciting, it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. I will be in the high desert which makes this goal of mine almost mandatory. It’s very dry and I get dehydrated easily even when I think I drink plenty of water daily. I need to remember to drink enough fluids to stay hydrated and healthy, because I can’t afford to miss any classes or work because of illness.
Memorize James chapter 1: I have always wanted to memorize a complete passage of Scripture, so I decided to start with James. It’s been my favorite chapter for several years and I decided to start with this one. Maybe in the future I will write a post about some of my memorization tips that I’ve used over the years.
Keep my GPA up: As cliche as it sounds, why shouldn’t I want to get good grades? Although I had a pretty high GPA in high school, I know college is a whole new ballgame. To say that college is harder than high school is an understatement. I am willing to work my hardest at keeping my grades up.
Work out at least 5 days a week:  Since there’s a free gym on campus I really have no excuse for me not to exercise every day. There are also so many opportunities for me to join an intramural sport like volleyball or soccer. 
Photograph everything I love taking pictures and having photos to document amazing memories. Sometimes, though, I get lazy and forget to bring my camera with me. This year I am going to make sure to take plenty of  pictures not only to make memories but to also have a nice collection of photos for my blog.
Hopefully, I will be able to keep all of these resolutions, but if not, I will know which ones I will need to work on for next year. Good luck to anyone else who is starting college this semester!





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